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Title: How We Made A Legend
Author: Asahi_no_heiwa aka Anonym-kun
Characters: all of DBSK and those who they happened to meet
Genre: light angst, fantazy, OOC. And, yeah, AU.
Rating: no more than PG-15. For the filthy language and occasional reference of blood scenes
Pairing: I don't plan one, though many might see a plenty of accidental hints.
Fandom: K-pop; DBSK
Disclaimer: I don't own anything here other than the plot itself.
Placement: if someone accidently sees this and even wants to place it somewhere else - better to inform me and to get my approval. For the dumb ones - you MUST do this. There's the beginning on the Asianfanfiction, but I think you get the idea that it's actually me, too. Might as well delete it there later.
His existence is too boring and uninteresting and the only wish now that is left is to stop this bizarre neverending story of him on this damned earth.
But there are few more just like him, and, if luck has it, together they might really find a purpose in their still empty lives.

P.S.: the thing that gave me the inspiration

Well, enjoy then.
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